Primo Amore Moscato

750ml Bottle

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    Primo Amore
    Zonin USA, Inc.
    7% Alcohol
    Product Description

    Primo Amore, also known as first love, expresses the joy of discovery experienced when a wine drinker first encounters the sweetness and enticing fragrance of the delicate wine.

    Primo Amore Moscato is refreshing, and fruit Moscato wine comes from the warm Southern vineyards of Veneto. Moscato wine (sometimes called Muscato) comes from the Muscat grape, a sweet, white grape. From it, we get delicious snacks such as grapes and raisins and beautiful, sweet, and delicate wines of several different varieties, including delightful sparkling wines in several other regions. Not only are several different varieties of wines made by the Muscat grape, but the grape itself is found in a few hundred varieties, with other regions and countries blending Muscat with different types of grapes to make their hybrids.

    In addition to being so versatile and revered by the world's wineries, the Muscat grape is possibly the oldest grape variety in the world. It may have been used to celebrate King Midas' funeral, as it was found among the items in the burial mound.